What’s not to love about food trucks?

Ever since I first read about the onset of food trucks in New York City, I was obsessed. I do not know the exact reason for my obsession, but it may be related to the fact that the food truck can go wherever, serve whoever, and theoretically operate whenever it wants. I love any food that you can eat with your hands and consume on the go. It is implied that the New York City food truck (most likely) also serves a unique cuisine that’s distribution is limited to the 4 foot by 10 foot portable kitchen. Quick service non-franchised/unique eats? Love it.

Despite my strong feelings about food trucks, it took me about 2 years to actually eat at a food truck. I’m not talking about a hot dog stand, “hallal truck”, or sketchy taco truck. I’m talking about the clean, trendy, freshly-painted food truck. After following Kimchi Truck on twitter for a few months (@Kimchitruck) I decided to schedule my trek during their lunch service. By following the truck on twitter, you can be kept up-to-date on their current location, for both lunch and dinner services.

Upon site of their bright orange truck, I immediately felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Similar to the feeling of being immersed in a process you should be familiar with, but have never seen your life, I tried to act comfortable as I approached the counter. I quickly ordered the first thing I saw, which luckily was Kimchi BBQ tacos. I ordered my food but was not well versed in food truck protocol so I did not know whether I would be handed my food immediately or whether I had to wait. Turns out, I had to wait. Wait where? Stressful.

I grabbed my bag of Kimchi BBQ tacos, put my head down, and walked straight to Madison Square Park. When I was calmly seated on a bench, I was able to enjoy these delicious (pork and beef) mini-tacos.

Both tacos were delicious, especially when enjoyed with their signature hot sauce. The meats were well-cooked and the tenderness was delicious with the nearly-raw red onion, scallion, and tomato mix. The corn tortilla itself was a  nice surprise as its substantive enough to recognize but not enough to overpower the filling.

According to @kimchitruck, they are typically between Canal and 23rd street and from 2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue during lunch service. For dinner, they usually stay in Manhattan but occasionally venture out to Long Island City and Brooklyn for dinner. Tweet at them and they may consider traveling to your neighborhood!