Thanks for reading!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Who knew the day would come where I would want to want everyone to read about what goes through my head. Narcissistic? Probably. Entertaining? Maybe. Time will tell I guess. Luckily, these websites keep track of how many people visit this page so I can put a number on how many people care about what I have to say. Great.

The idea behind this blog is pretty simple. I want to write about my three favorite things:  food, jokes and traveling. Feel free to send me ideas regarding new restaurants, funny YouTube videos, and cool places to check out. These traveling destinations can be anything from interesting museums and cool local spots, to international cities. Anything goes. And even though this blog will 100% feed my ego and be all about ME, I will always welcome guest submissions. Always and forever.

So that’s it. As soon as I get over myself and read the instruction manual on how to make this website more interesting and user-friendly, I will start posting some things. Please check back every so often!

Thank you!!